As I am, so shall I always be...

A Chronological History

The (real time) Life of Saria
Saria was born on a winter night when I was lonely. I created her so I could participate in Anne McCaffery's Pern Universe (sort of like fan fiction. . .). Wanting her to be like me, but more like what I wished I was, I made her the rider of a gold (queen) dragon. I wrote her history and her life, in the end having a stack of paper an inch and a half thick.

This Saria was a tall blonde with crystal blue eyes and (of course) Ruathan blood. In the tradition of Moreta and Lessa, she could communicate with all dragons. It was my fantasy and I wanted it all. I even created a lover for her in the image of a friend. The man's name was D'rall and this character carried over into the next segment of Saria's evolution.

This "book" of her life was begun on January 1, 1994 and finished that April. Saria was born again that summer, this time into the body of an elf in the world of Earthdawn.

This Saria was tall with black hair. She had a streak of silver hair behind her left ear. She is both a bard and a wizard. In accordance with elven tradition, she must choose her adult name and that name will be Saria Lilim Antares.

Saria - Queen Rider
All dragons in Pern have names, but then again, how many dragons do youknow that don't? Saria's dragon - or rather the dragon she has bonded with - is named Rindeth. The two of them have a very good life on the southern continent. But life wasn't always this good. . .

Saria was born to traditional parents. They frowned on her desire to sing and to write songs - even though Menolly made a wonderful harper, and she was a girl, too. They disapproved even more of her desire to ride a dragon. Saria knew the history of her bloodline, and even though it had been diluted, the Ruathan blood ran strong in her. She dedicated herself to getting out of that Hold and finding her dreams.

She was chosen to be a candidate for a hatching and stood fearlessly as Rindeth was hatched. Lessa watched her and was reminded of herself all those years ago. Saria was trained to ride and to fight thread. During those years, she fell in love with F'lessan (this is a very long story). After a strong and steady relationship, these two found themselves in charge of a weyr on the southern continent. One of the new riders was named D'rall and his bronze dragon was Eroth. Eroth was strong and was the sure bet for the next mating flight of Rindeth. F'lessan had a terrible accident, and died as a result. D'rall became the Weyr Leader. Love blossomed between them and life went on.

I know her story sounds perfect, but it wasn't. She had to overcome many obstacles which I haven't mentioned. Needless to say, she was the beginning of the strong woman I want to become.

Saria the Goddess
I am writing a novel set in my own world, a novel I hope to see published one day, but I must speak of it here since it is relevant to the development of the character of Saria. In this world, Saria is the Goddess of Life. Borne of the union of the Light and the Darkness, Saria is the Cycle. Life is owned by her, owed to her, and given to her by those who worship her. She is the goddess of the union. Out of her loneliness, by a tear shed into the swirls of chaos, she created her partner, Aran, God of War, to release the burden of conflict from her. There is more to this, but to protect future copyrights, I will say no more. I will let you all know when my novel is published.



Saria - Troubador

Saria was born in an elven town named Auryle, under a full autumn moon.When Saria was three years old, her sister Elana was born. Saria grew up telling stories and having them told to her, little did she know at that time that it would become her life. Saria was the only member of her family to be blessed with the gift of magic, though no one saw it as a gift. When her talent became evident, a streak of hair behind her left ear turned silver. Every year that passes, that streak grows a little more. Setting out at age 19, against the wishes of her parents, she has already lived quite an adventure and made friends for life. She set out with a young woman named Torian, also an elf. She is a storyteller, a musician, a painter, and a fighter and wizard.

Saria has since married the love of her life, a Blood Elf named Arilou, who is an Elementalist and Archer. Torian, at the same wedding ceremony, married Raven, the T'skrang Sky Raider and Weaponsmith. These four are very rarely found apart.