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EarthdawnLegends is no longer available in the HTML format. It was too much trouble for me to keep up, and so I am solely offering them for download in pdf format. Each of these files is around 50K in size. If you would like to view them in a web browser, they are available inside the member area of the EarthdawnLegends YahooGroup from which this newsletter is distributed.

Each of these newsletters have been specially formatted for visual appeal as well as standard content, including images where links to images were before. If you find typos inside these files, please let me know so I can fix it right away. Updates on these fixes can be found below the download table.

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*Issue 5.6 was cancelled

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September 1999: House Rules
November 1999: EDLegends
December 1999: Number of Characters
January 2000: Tournament Rules
February 2000: Surveys
March 2000: Program Use
April 2000: Half-breeds
May-June 2000: LRG Plans
July 2000: Horror Slaying
August 2000: Idea Design
September 2000: Spellcasting
October 2000: Receiving Polls
November 2000: Spellcaster's weapons
December 2000: Elves and Blood Elves
January 2001: Second Edition Plans
February 2001: Adept Teaching
March 2001: Optional Rules
April 2001: April Issues
May 2001: Magic Residue
June 2001: Multiple Universes
September 2001: RPG News
October 2001: Astral Space and Spellcasting
November 2001: Halloween Costumes 2001
January 2002: New Year Celebrations
February 2002: Home-brew Rules
March 2002: Game Groups
April 2002: Miniatures
December 2002: EDL's bimonthly format