The People of Auryle

Some live in Auryle permanently, others congregate there only at certain times. Those who live there are so noted.


When I first picked up a sword, I knew that would be my death. And my life. I am Vatryl and this is my tale.

As an Elf child being raised in a Human city, I knew my family's traditions were often laughed at. Still, my Name day was something my mother refused to deny me and every day that I wake up, I thank her resting spirit. She told me that I had until my twentieth birthday to decide what my future would hold. Then she began introducing me to friends and associates of hers, each of which followed a different path. And in spite of each one that I met, I knew that I would find one path and follow it throughout my life. Little did I know that single path I intended on was actually two.

The day before my birthday, I met Rathsin, a Weaponsmith. He showed me around his workshop. This was all well and good until he allowed me to hold the weapons he had created. And that was the day I held my first sword. Perfect balance, a natural feeling in my hands. I knew I had to have it. When Rathsin saw the look on my face, he told me to keep the sword. A fine broadsword it was too, one I still use to this day.

And so I began to study as a Warrior. I had never been happier in my entire life, except for those rare moments when I had been able to pull off some nasty trick or stunt without getting caught. Though I was in heaven those days when I was just a Warrior, there was something missing.

I met a young woman named Karri Mistun, an Illusionist. We travelled together for almost two years. We soon became known as the Terrible Two, as a joke on our playfulness and what people said was out emotional age. Perhaps we did have too much fun, but having her along was like vicariously filling the void I had always felt. Before we parted ways, I begged her to teach me.

And so, Karri Mistun became my first teacher in the way of Illusion. I have found more teachers along the way. I have come to settle in Auryle where I can teach new students myself at the local school.


Uncle has lived in the same house all of his life. Though he has no neices or nephews, he is called Uncle by all in town. He makes a joke of his age but always declines to state his actual age, and being an elf, he could be very old. Saria considers him as close as a blood relative and is pleased that he is willing to teach her friends his craft. Uncle is an amazing Weaponsmith and some of his work has become legendary.

Uncle stopped adventuring many years ago after his leg was injured when falling from a horse. He has a complete forge and spends many hours there each day, no matter the weather. Above all the people he has taught or helped raise, he loves Saria the most and would do almost anything for her. He is very proud of her.


Ophie lives in the Antares house and is now a student of Uncle's. She is a human who was rescued by Aryx from a town that was about to be completely destroyed. During her time at the forge in that town, Ophie became an expert at forgery and determining the authenticity of writing. She also learned a lot about counterfeiting, though she has sworn not to use that knowledge to break the law.


K'ryn, her full first name being Kelryn, is a Nethermancer, though of low circle. She began adventuring alone, until she met a Horror Stalker named D'rall while fighitng some Gnashers. After that, he invited her to tag along. Once they arrived in Barter Town, K'ryn parted ways with D'rall and joined up with Xyra and Chrysalis.


Auryle is D'rall's hometown. About four years older than Saria, he left when she was just thirteen years old, vowing to return and marry her. Shortly after leaving Auryle, he met a Horror Stalker who chose to him as an apprentice. During the years he was gone, he fought many Horrors. For each one, he gave himself a tattoo. When he returned to Auryle, four years later, she was gone. He tried to drown his sorrows in the killing fields where he met K'ryn. Once hearing that she was married, he drank himself into oblivion, focring K'ryn to forge a new path.

D'rall has been forced to change his life, now that what he considers his only dream is gone. However, there are many Horrors out there -- one who desires to use him to destroy Saria -- and many women out there, one of which will follow him to the ends of the earth.