Demiwraith, special extending rules


Dex: 7
Str: 6
Tou: 6
Per: 6
Wil: 8
Cha: 5

initiative: 5

attacks: 1
hit: 7
dam: 9

spells: 1
cast: 12
effect: chilling touch

phys: 7
spell: 9 (14)
social: 13

physical: 6
mystic: 4

death: 38*
wound: 10
uncon: NA

legend points: 224

loot: 1d4 gems


Dex 8
str 2
tou 3
Per 6
wil 3
cha 3

Init 8

move 100/50 flight

Attack #: 1
Hit 8
Dam 2

Phys 10 armor 0
Spell 6 mystic 1
Social NA

Death 24
Wound 5
Uncon NA

Legend 50
*Any demiwraith can generate up to and no more than 8 wraithspawn. Each spawn costs its parent wraith one point of perm damage. Like each demiwraith, its spawn inhabits a creature's body. These stats are modified for a bat host.

I used this in a semi-horror campaign inside an underground temple. There was a pit full of black sand and the bat-wraithspawn were flying around. Lighting the area was very nearly impossible and the multiple creatures that fly created a really eerie effect. This is best when not used in excess, since it will lose the element of surprise, which is the fun part about this.