Race: Gremlin

Dex: 7*
Str: 5
Tou: 5
Per: 6
Wil: 4
Cha: 2

initiative: 7

ground: 50/25
fly: 80/40

attacks: 1
hit: 8
dam: 6 (claw)

spells: -
cast: -

phys: 9
spell: 7
social: 2

physical: 2
mystic: 0

death: 32
wound: 8
uncon: 23
recov: 2

legend points: 70

* all values are step numbers
unless otherwise noted

Jennifer Mauck : 8-10-98

Gremlins are approximately 2.5 feet tall
and are bipedal, though can scurry on all
fours. They have small vestigial wings
sprouting from their backs. They always
travel in at least pairs (a male, a female,
and offspring when the season is right).
They are drawn to shiny things, regardless
of value. They like small caves and small,
rock covered holes to hide their posessions
in and to create nests in.

Approximately 25% of the time, D6 silver
worth of goods can be found in a nest.
This is worth legend points. No part of
their anatomy is useful. Eating gremlin
flesh, either cooked or raw is very
discouraged. Severe food posioning could

GM Notes:
Recently, two of my players encountered
a large group of gremlins that had organized
themselves into a mock society. Evidently,
they are evolving. They were going to
ransack the campsite, but woke the players,
for these gremlins are none to stealthy.
These critters are good for low power
characters ability-wise, but make for a
slow accumulation of legend points.