Horrors come in all shapes and sizes - as we all know far too well. Some among all Name-Givers are too fascinated with these Horrors. May the Passions protect us from those who have been deceived! Perhaps it is best that I discontinue my warning until you have seen the Light. The secrets in this place are so well guarded that what I have heard must be true: The only Horror in the Library is the Truth. Be careful what you take with you from here, for knowledge may be power, it is still quite dangerous. Now go, but take care. . . We are always watched. . .

Sayveth and the Brood

This Horror and her Spawn are a dangerous group. She, for I can find no better word for it, has created a group of offspring - mutated Name- Givers mixed with her blood. Foul beings, though most men might consider them just like other women. Take care around this bunch - they will have you reconsidering your faith for hours before you they let you die.


This one is pure evil. One must be strong to withstand her, but even those will be tempted beyond belief by promises whispered on the wind and secrets hinted at in dreams. This one's temptations are worse than those of the mind or of the body. Just as soon as the promises are fulfilled, her words will slice your throat and your blood will feed her.

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