Written Legacies

Welcome to the home to my fiction. The full versions (when such exist) of the EarthdawnLegends fiction section can be found here. If you find any typos, which I have tried very hard to eliminate, or if you have comments or requests, please email me. As for requests, I will do my best to work my magic in your favor, but all fiction I produce remains mine. It will be posted here with a dedication of your choosing. Enjoy! Each story is formatted to be printer friendly.

EarthdawnLegends Fiction

Note: These are not posted in the order in which they were published.
They do, however, contain a reference to the edition in which they originally appeared.

/1/ A Friendly View of Thera
(the combined 4 parts from EarthdawnLegends)

/2/ The Eternal Quest

/3/ Captive Heart

/4/ Touch of Song

/5/ A Dark, Dank Kaer

/6/ Salvation: The Myth of Salvation for the Elven Nation