Hall of the Dead

A cyber-resting place for those who have lost their lives for love of their calling

Represents 'honored dead'  Represents 'dishonored dead'

Brandik Swiftsword - Ork - Father of two, former head of House Rechward in Ganart. He is survived by his wife, Asta, his daughter Livia, and his son Keane, as well as several brothers and sisters. Brandik died praising Garlen, even though his wounds were the death of him. 1520.

Runestar - Windling - Survived by her pet hellcat, Legend. Legend's current whereabouts are unknown. She died at the hands of an angered elf, after what she thought was harmless mischief. 1520.

Gort the Undisciplined - Troll Wizard (2) - Killed in a bar brawl attempting to subdue two psychotic adventurers. Survived by Arilou and Raven.

Chenjesu - Ork Thief (2) - Died liberating a town from the Horror Gladiator. Survived by Arilou and Raven.

Guido - Minotaur Sky Raider (2) - Troublemaker from the start. Died in a bar brawl. Survived and killed by Chrysalis.

Siren - Windling Troubador (2) - Troublemaker from the start, Guido's personal 'bard'. Died in a bar brawl. Survived by Chrysalis.

Elyria - Elven Wizard (6) - Killed in battle when separated from her group - 1511. Survived by the Black Knight.