Huntress' Guide to Herbal Medicine
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Lily of the Valley

Wolfbane Oleander Black-eyed Susan Summer Snowflake Mandrake Foxglove or fairy glove
Less Well Known Herbs
Cassia Seed Chrysanthemum Cinnamon Dandelion Dragon Bone Frankincense
Opium poppy Coca
Common Healing Aids
Witch Hazel Anise Basil Catnip Chamomile Chives Horehound Lavendar Mints Roses Thyme

First, let me begin by saying that I hope you found my guide useful.  The information here has taken me many years to compile, but I can assure it's accuracy as I have put it to use for a long time.  This knowledge has saved many lives and being able to pass it on means a great deal to me.  Above all else, though, I need to say again that almost all of the herbs mentioned in this work can kill if used improperly.  Also herbs are not a cure all - nothing is.  Be wary of using any of these herbs while pregnant - most of them could cause complications.