Naginanta of Alle

This bladed spear, or glaive, dates pre-Scourge and has been in the possession of Vestrivan since the beginning of the Scourge. It is approximately six feet long, blade included. The blade itself is almost one foot long. The other end has a heavy metal cap. The length of the spear is covered in runes, the blade itself has etching in an ancient language (which reads Alle) on both sides. The metal cap also has etchings that look like a chain of dragons biting each others tails. There is a ridge near the blade where ribbons were once attached.

This weapon is a step 5 melee weapon without threads.

Maximum threads: 1
Spell Defense: 15

Rank 1
Cost: 300
Key Knowledge: The Name of the naginanta.
Effect: Weapon becomes a step 6 melee weapon.

Rank 2
Cost: 500
Effect: Weapon can be used as a step 4 throwing weapon, range equal to a hawkhatchet.

Rank 3
Cost: 800
Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn that Alle was the domain of Vestrivan, a place where many people of different races came to escape Theran slavery. Vestrivan was practically worshiped as a savior of the people there.
Effect: Weapon becomes step 6 melee and step 5 throwing. Wielder gains +2 melee weapons steps when wielding this weapon.

Rank 4
Cost: 1300
Effect: Weapon becomes step 7 melee and step 6 throwing. Weapon also gains Metal Scream, invokable at will.

Rank 5
Cost: 2100
Key Knowledge: The Name Alle was also the Name of Vestrivan's first drake, who was Weaponsmith of no small ability.
Effect: Weapon becomes step 8 melee and step 7 throwing. Wielder gains +2 throwing weapons steps when wielding this weapon.

Rank 6
Cost: 5500
Effect: Weapon becomes step 9 melee and step 8 throwing. By attaching silk ribbons (up to three) to the staff, the wielder gains +1 defense to each of the three defenses (physical, spell, and social in that order).

Rank 7
Cost: 8900
Deed: The wielder must travel to Alle, now located in the Wastes, to visit Alle's grave. The wielder must recite the mantra carved along the spear at the grave. The wielder will then find the battle shout on his monument. (8900 Legend Points)
Key Knowledge: Alle cast Blade Fury on this weapon and made it permanent as his Dying Act. The wielder must learn the battle shout to activate the spell.
Effect: Weapon becomes step 10 melee and step 9 throwing. Wielder can invoke Blade Fury at will, though the willforce is equal to Alle's willpower at step 8 (total damage through Blade Fury is then 18).