Brute Force

This two-handed sword is completely covered with ornate carvings ranging from specific runes easily recognized to random lines. This is a step 7 weapon without threads. This weapon is incapable of called shots. It is the weapon of a warrior.

Rank 1
Cost 500
KK: The Name of this sword
Effect: This sword is a step 8 weapon, also add +1 to initiative while wielding.

Rank 2
Cost 800
Effect: Step 9 weapon, wielder can add an additional +1/+1 on aggressive attacks.

Rank 3
Cost 1300
Effect: Step 10 weapon, wielder can sacrifice 2 steps of melee attack to gain 4 steps of damage four times a day.

Rank 4
Cost 2100
Effect: Step 11 weapon, wielder can add an additional +2/+2 to aggressive attacks.

Rank 5
Cost 3400
Effect: Step 12 weapon, for 5 strain (once a day), wielder can, on a normal attack (no spells, no aggressive attacks, talent effects are ok) multiply his damage by 2 (step 12 + strength X 2)