Draphne's Bladebane

This short sword is a weaponbreaker. In the guard and pommel are a total of 9 opals, ranging from small to very large. The opals glow after a thread has been attached. Step 5 weapon w/o threads.

Threads: 2
Spell defense: 14

Rank 1
Cost 200
KK: The Name of this weapon.
Effect: Step 6 damage.

Rank 2
Cost 300
Effect: For one strain, blade becomes extra sharp and adds +2 damage

Rank 3
Cost 500
KK: The opals were all collected and polished by Draphne's sister as a gift for Draphne's Name Day.
Effect: For 5 strain, wielder can store one recovery test per day, up to 3 in the opals which can be used as normal recovery tests.

Rank 4
Cost 800
Effect: Step 7 damage, and adds 2 steps to the weaponbreaker talent.

Rank 5
Cost 1300
KK: After Draphne received this weapon, she dedicated her life to the destruction of Horrors, and took up the way of the Horror Stalker.
Effect: Against Horrors and Horror constructs, wielder gains +3/+3.

Rank 6
Cost 2100
Effect: Step 8 damage

Rank 7
Cost 3400
KK: When Draphne killed Mestorms, a Horror, the entire weapon was drenched with its blood. This act raised Draphne's legendary status to level 4.
Effect: An excellent success must be made on the attack. Against a Horror (not Horror constructs), this weapon as a chance of draining life from the Horror. Roll (thread rank + willforce) against the Horror's spell defense, a good success will drain step 19.