This battle axe has a four-foot handle. It has twin curved blades. Just below the blade is a two inch strip of brithan fur that is always clean. The top of the axe is a three inch spike. It is a size 4 weapon (two handed). It is a step 8 weapon.

Threads: 1
Spell Defense: 12

Rank 1
Cost 200
Key Knowledge: The Name of this axe is Hammerthorn.
Effect: Axe can be wielded with one hand.

Rank 2
Cost 300
Effect: Damage step 9.

Rank 3
Cost 500
Key Knowledge: This axe was made by a troll weaponsmith Named Mikal for a blood elf Named Ezra to whom he was blood sworn, though the elf died before he could wield it.
Effect: Damage step 10.

Rank 4
Cost 800
Effect: While using this weapon, wielder gains +1 to initiative, and +2 to melee attacks.

Rank 5
Cost 1300
Key Knowledge: This axe was used by Mikal until the day he died whereupon his daughter Ezri took up the weapon.
Effect: Damage step 11. Armor defeating hits take a good success.

Rank 6
Cost 2100
Key Knowledge: Ezri was a Wizard whose favorite spell was Iron Hand (and was the first spell that she made permanent).
Effect: Iron Hand can be invoked once per day, which lasts for 18 rounds.