Locator Object

Each object is made specifically by its creator and can be whatever they wish, the only restirction being that they create it themselves. The cost to the creator is 2 permenant damage which cannot be healed until the object is used. The creator is aware when the object is used, but cannot know who has used it.

Each object lasts for only one use. If the creator is dead, the object remains, but loses all magical properties. Any character is allowed to create one locator object once every year and a day.

Effect: The object changes temperature in relation to its creator's position. Warm when headed in the right direction, cold when not. The object must be in direct contact with the skin. It can be used by anyone who is in possession of it.

During creation, the creator places two drops of blood on the object which are absorbed. After this has been done, the creator speaks these words:

When you are lost,
By finding me,
You shall find shelter.
May my presence warm your traveled path.