Malevi's Dagger

This dagger has a grey leather wrapped around its hilt, though its blade is more like a stiletto than a traditional dagger. Along its grey leather sheath, which fits automatically to either the forearm or the ankle, are several runes in black cord.

Threads: 2
Spell defense: 12

Step 4 weapon with no threads

Rank 1
Cost 800
Key Knowledge: This weapon was created for Malevi when she received her mastery certification and became head of her guild.
Effect: gains Accuracy (+3/+2) when not being used in combat.

Rank 2
Cost 1300
Key Knowledge: Malevi never used this blade in combat, but once received, used it in every assassination, including the killing of Marcus Domini, Queen Alachia's premier Songbird from western Barsaive.
Effect: Cauterizing: for 2 strain, the metal of the blade heats enough to boil a quart of water (without cut, this is a flat step 5 damage); can never cause a bleeding wound; if the damage taken does not equal a wound, the heat of the blade causes extra damage equal to (but no more than) the target's wound threshold.

Rank 3
Cost 2100
Key Knowledge: Malevi died by her own blade wielded by the hand of her protégé, a young woman named Kesti, who then took possession of both the knife and the guild.
Effect: For the cost one recovery test for a year and a day, this blade does damage equal to the target's normal death rating (unmodified by charms and oaths). This ability only works on metahuman Name-givers (no drakes, dragons, Horrors, and horrorspawn).