Nasha's Breath
Elementalist Grimoire
Air Bind (4)
Air Fortress (10)*
Billowing Cloak (2)
Dust Storm (3)
Earth and Air (10)*
Fingers of the Wind (3)
Gills (2)*
Smoke Cloud (3)
Snuff (3)
Whirlwind (7)*
Winds of Deflection (3)

Maximum threads: 2
Spell Defense: ??

Thread Ranks

Rank 1
Cost: 300
Deed: (worth 300) Release the lock on the grimoire.
Effect: Casting a common spell (marked with *) contained within this book lowers the weaving difficulty by 2. (Example: Air fortress weaving difficulty is lowered from 17 to 15)

Rank 2
Cost: 500
Key Knowledge: The character must discover Nasha's True Name.
Effect: Threaded character can read the spellbook without Read and Write Magic. Characters with Read and Write Magic receive a 2 step bonus when reading this grimoire.

Rank 3
Cost: 800
Key Knowledge: The character must learn Nasha's dying act (inscribing the name of the book on the cover).
Effect: Character can now inscribe a spell in the book at the cost of 1 permanent damage. Any spell thus inscribed and then cast by the threaded character receives rank 1's weaving difficulty bonus.

Rank 4
Cost: 1300
Key Knowledge: The character must learn that Nasha was dragonkin, relative of the Far Scholar (Mountainshadow).
Effect: Character can weave (only) one special thread to each spell within the grimoire to increase its effect by one step.

Rank 5
Cost: 2100
Deed: (worth 2100) Character must "rewrite" the magical preservation and seal of the grimoire by sacrificing a kernel of True Air to Mynbruje.
Effect: Character may copy all spells contained within this grimoire to another grimoire perfectly without any tests. Character may also compress spells contained in the original grimoire (not those added by said character) by one thread when put into a matrix, for one casting of that spell.