Recovery Blessing

Despite its name, this object is a shroud which has been blessed by Garlen. Each shroud can only be used by one individual because each is created for one specific person. Thus each is named uniquely: Ishari's Recovery Blessing.

It is created by (a minimum of) three questors of Garlen, typically women. It is woven by these questors from the finest materials available.

This shroud grants one extra recovery test per day as well as adding 5 steps to each recovery test made while wearing it. However, during use, the wearer must be at complete physical rest for at least two hours to use these bonuses. Any character may have only one of these in a lifetime. Sufficiently altering one's patter in some way would allow for another shroud. It is not to be wasted.

These shrouds are typically only used when the wearer is recovering from near death or some major event. A carrying bag is usually woven at the same time which protects the shroud from harm while not in use; it is also blessed by the questors.