Sivika's Deadly Hunger

Sivaka - Poison

spell defense: 12*

effect: eventual death

*Adepts are not allowed to make a resistance test.

This posion must be ingested. In inerts, during digestion, this posion causes an uncomfortable sensation (indigestion, bordering on mild stomach cramps). Shortly, the discomfort abates and is replaced by a feeling of calm satisfaction that spreads throughout the body, oafter wich sleep is induced. During sleep, the body shuts down to the point of death. Death appears to be due to natural causes.

For adepts:

Adepts are affected differently. It is an addictive drug. Though there are no physically damaging effects, it is highly addictive when used in large quantities. There are no hangovers. It heightens all senses and is nore intoxicating than alcohol. It creates a euphoria that lasts for 1D4 hours (average). All perception tests gain 1 step.

In a clear glass vial, it appears as a multi-colored/iridescent liquid with the consistancy of water. When placed in another liquid, it immediately acquires the color and consostancy of the new medium. Alone, it tastes very sweet; in a mixture it is undetectable.

Side notes:

1. During a time of little or no magic, an adept who abused it would be immune (by high tolerance), but would lose the drug-like effects.

2. This posion is undetectable by autopsy, digestion breaks it down into common sugars.