Skills of Survival


Listed here are some of the skills that the Warders use on a regular basis that have proved very useful.

Pressure Points

Step Number:  Rank + Perception

Pressure points can be used as both relief and torment.  When used in combination with other skills such as Physician or Herbal Remedies, it can serve as an effective relief for pain during treatment.  Especially for broken limbs.  When used in combination with skills like interrogation or torture, useful information can be 'extracted' from subjects.

Herbal Remedies

Step Number:  Rank + Perception

This skill is best used in combination with the knowledge of botany.  Knowledge of herbal remedies allows one to recognize which herbs work best in concert and to what effect.  This skill compliments the physician skill very nicely.  It is also useful for folk remedies on the run.


Step Number:  Rank + Perception

This skill allows a character to 'encourage' the sharing of information, even against the will of the subject.  The torture lasts number of rounds equal to the rank.  Characters being tortured may make a willpower test vs. the result of the torture test.  An excellent success allows resistance against torture for the duration of the torture test.


Step Number:  Rank + Perception

This skill allows a character to ask the precise question in exactly the right way to get the answers you are looking for (it's all in the psychology).  Much gentler approach than torture.

Other skills of usefulness

Resist Torture

Step Number:  Rank + Willpower

The use of this skill instead of a plain willpower test against torture allows a character to 'beef up' their resistance.  If the character has Willforce, the step number is rank + willforce.

Elven Politics

Step Number:  Rank + Perception

This skill is similar to Barsaive History, and the racial lores.  Similar skills could be: Theran Politics, Throalic Politics, and so on.  It allows intricate knowledge of the workings of the government, it's weaknesses and strengths, and it's opponents.