Saria, Torian, Arilou, and Raven

S - Saria -- (female elf) 20-something, long black hair with a silver streak behind her left ear, pale skin
T - Torian -- (female elf)Younger than Saria, white hair, very dark skin
A - Arilou -- (male blood elf) Tall, slender, dark red hair to just below his shoulders
R - Raven -- (male t'skrang) medium height, pitch black skin and heavily muscled

STAR's legacy, as written by Saria herself

Greetings, fellow traveler! Join us for a spell and I shall
tell you the tale of my companions, of STAR's Legacy. I beg
you, please pardon the beginning of my tale, for I was young
and neglected my journal and must now rely solely on the will
of Astendar.

Oh gracious Astendar!
Grant that my words be truth and honor you in art.
Blessed is the troubador for the guidance of your hand.

Auryle was my home, when I was young
An elven town, rich with life and full of vibrance
And I attended the academy and learned the ways of Art.

As I finished my training, I received my first job
A tale telling at a T'skrang festival in T'jana Spar
And before I left I met my companion.

She was fierce, with her white hair and black skin
An outcast orhpan from the start
And she, a swordmaster, was no more pleased to be assigned to me.

And so we set out, through the woods
Two able elven women, ready for anything
Or so it seemed.

We encountered our share of trouble along the way
Goblins and espagra and more
But our greatest feat was almost my downfall.

We spied a griffin, deep in the woods
I was sent around to trap him
Torian, my friend, ready on the mark.

For all my nimbleness, I misstepped
And broke a twig - quite noisily
And attracted the griffin's hungry attention.

And so Torian saved my life
As she killed the beast before it could strike
And now this outcast dark-skinned elf is my savior.

And so we took our trophy
And with feathers in our hair, we tread on
And shortly thereafter reached out destination.

The festival was grand, my tales inspired
We were loved and showered with silver
She the bodyguard and I the performer.

And upon meeting a pair of strange travelers
We found ourselves in a nasty mess
A Wormskull had come hunting.

With the two strangers and ourselves
We crushed the Horror and it's cadavermen
And gained even more fame within this town.