The Warders

Reaper, the nethermancer and co-leader with BladeWeaver

BladeWeaver, the wizard, and co-leader with Reaper

Rhapsody - the troubadour, sworn to truthyfully record their exploits

Aegis - the weaponsmith, dedicated to their protection

Huntress - the woodsman, the heart of the Warders

The Black Knight - the swordmaster, the defender and champion


Rhapsody :: Che'sreth Pira

Born in 1497, on the 11th of Veltom, Ches is the son of two soldiers. Both of his parents wished he would follow in their steps and become a great warrior. Needless to say, they were both disappointed when he expressed his desire to become a Troubador. His sister, now known only as Striger, is very proud of him and remains the only family member with whom he stays in touch. Ches typically makes himself at home where ever he is, his musical talent carrying him easily through life.

Ches prefers not to tie himself down to one woman, almost always drawing crowds of women to him with both his voice and his muscular appearance. There is, however, one woman who seems to haunt him. Her name is Sedere and she is a beautiful, tall, iridescent blue t'skrang that reminds him of his sister.

Che'sreth is 23 years old. He keeps himself well toned and appears incredibly muscular. He is very strong. He looks like those of his family, a blue-green with a sleek crest. He has a trained falcon named Grex.

Ches maintains a strong alliance with several individual members of T'skrang houses in southeastern Barsaive. Ches was the last member to join the Warders.


Huntress :: Ishari Merim

Born in 1482, on the 24th of Teayu, shortly after the full moon, Ishari is the daughter of a singer and a guard. As a young girl, Ishari wanted to be a guard in the Blood Wood - to follow in the footsteps of her father. She got caught up with a fellow elf, Ereith Dram, who convinced her she loved him and followed him out into the world. While they were out and about, she found she loved the adventuring life and left him to pursue it on her own. Over the years, she took many jobs as forest guide through dangerous areas and eventually became very wealthy.

Ishari is 32 years old - still young for an elf. She has shoulder length brown hair which she wears fixed back in many small braids. Some of the braids end in hand-carved wooden beads. She has emerald green eyes and stands a tall six feet and five inches. On her upper right arm, she has a tattooed band of red roses and green vines. Both ears are pierced three times with small thick gold hoops. She tends to wear black paint around her left eyes in a design resembling a bird.

She has a long standing relationship with the ork house Rechward in Ganart, being like another daughter to Asta and Brandik. Keane, their son, and Ishari both received invitations to join the Warders at the same time, on Sollus 14th. After meeting Tyrith and Zenis - the group's leaders - Ishari accepted on the spot, with Keane's acceptance following a heartbeat later.


The Black Knight :: Ashur Etanin

Born in 1479, Ashur has never returned to his home town and so has no record of his own date of birth. He began to celebrate it regularly after he met Ishari and fell in love with her. He is still wary of being part of a group, since the death of Elyria, which he continually blames himself for.

Though he was honor-bound not to pursue Ishari romantically while she was wed to Keane, when they mutually decided to go their separate ways, Ashur found it difficult not to maintain his cold facade. Eventually, the future of their relationship yeilded two beautiful children before he was slain defending them.


Aegis :: Keane

An Ork of Ganart, friend to Brandik Swiftsword. He was friends with Ishari long before the Warders came together. They were married just before the Warders left on their first mission. Though they were full of passion for one another, Keane wanted a family in his limited years and found himself becoming closer to Zenis (BladeWeaver). After they dissolved their relationship, Zenis and Keane started a family, beginning with twins!


Reaper :: Tyrith

A Vorst Human, Tyrith's family is his two dogs, Det and Maul. He is engaged to be married to a woman named Rayth who runs the BellTower Inn in Barter Town.


BladeWeaver :: Zenis

An Ork woman from the far east, Zenis has somewhat exotic features. She wears a mask most of the time, covering her eyes and forehead. Slightly younger than Keane, Zenis keeps an eye out for a likely place to settle down to raise their family.