Who's Who in Barsaive

Note: All names included herein are common (street) names.

Aluda Musa (F) Elf

She has long, curly brown hair and bright green eyes. She is arrogant, but serious and very intelligent. She claims to come from a family of wealthy artisans from a kaer which disbanded after the Scourage and holds too much shame to name. Both her parents are deceased. She is an only child. Although not a blood elf, she is loyal to the Queen.
Quote: "People are mere pawns to be moved at my will."

Archon (M) Obsidiman - Elementalist 3

Currently missing in action.
Quote: None Available

Arilou (M) Blood Elf - Elementalist 4 / Archer 2

The sole survivor of an adventuring trio, Arilou struck out with Raven, whom he had recently met. One of the few Blood Elves born outside the Blood Wood, Arilou is an anomaly among his race. Arilou is fairly tall, with medium build and long red hair. He is now a member of STAR.
Quote: None Available

Aryx (F) T'skrang Nethermancer ? / Wizard ? / Elementalist ? / Sky Raider ?

Captain of her airship the Twilight Dragon, Aryx is a mystery.
Quote: "Whereas you see Horrors, Therans and slavers, I only see subjects for the testing of my spells. . ."

Asta Kildaen (F) Ork - Widow of Brandik, mother of Livia

Present head of the ork house Rechward in Ganart, she is a large woman who is very kind and giving to those she deems worthy. She feels indebted to Archon and Xyra for bringing home her husband's belongings after they discovered his remains.
Quote: "Come, you must join us at the table!"

Aziel Chiremond (F) Elf - Elementalist 4 - apprentice of Lazis

The second choice of her mentor, Aziel is bitter but willing to learn. She has short blond hair and warm brown eyes. She tries to please her mentor, but has emotional problems coping with her low position.
Quote: "Yes, mistress."

Battlestar (M) Sword - Elementalist 6

A large, elaborate two-handed sword crafted purely of fine steel woven with elemental fire, with runes running the length of the blade and a crystal in the guard. Battlestar is the spirit of a slain Elementalist bound to the weapon to preserve him in this plane.
Quote: "I love my job"

Brandik Swiftsword (M) Ork - Warrior 6 - deceased

Archon and Xyra found his corpse, journal, and sword while adventuring. After giving him a proper funeral, they returned his belongings to his house.
Quote: (from journal) "Garlen be praised, I had a good home life."

Dorian Lyrihan (M) Human - Questor of Mynbruje - 5

Dorian was a member of a group who solved a murder in Hawksdale. He is an acquaintance of K'ryn. Other members of his group were Noria and Sukari.
Quote: "Justice will come to those with faith."

D'rall Etheis (M) Elf - Horror Stalker 7

D'rall is a tall elf with short brown hair and brown eyes. He has a patterned tattoo around his right thigh which he adds to after every Horror kill. He is from Auryle, Saria's hometown. He left thinking he would come back for her and found her gone when he returned four years later. He met her again in Throal and found that she had met someone else.
Quote: "Give me the strongest drink you got."

Elana (F) Elf - Questor of Astendar - 1

Elana is the younger sister of Saria by two years. She joined a group of questors at the age of 17 partly because she was jealous of her sister's abilities as an Adept, and partly because she hated her home life.
Quote: "Anything to get out of that house."

Ereith Dram (M) Blood Elf - Illusionist ?

Little is known about this elf, except that he is a servant of Queen Alachia to whom he is devoutly loyal. Ereith is tall, with long silver hair who attempts to appear more like a Wizard in the service of none.
Quote: None available

Jasper (M) Elf - Thief 3

Currently missing in action.
Quote: None available

Karri Mistun (F) Human - Illusionist 7

Part of the original Terrible Two, Karri loved to play games and tricks. She was a killer blonde who used her looks to get away with anything she could.
Quote: "Let's play a game... If I win..."

Kelryn Aranis (F) T'skrang - Nethermancer 3

Better known as K'ryn, she is a rosy colored t'skrang from near Death's Sea. She foolishly joined D'rall after killing a few Gnashers that escaped him. She recently left him in Throal, deciding to accompany new friends.
Quote: "Give him whatever he wants, I'll pay for it."

Lazis (F) Ork - Elementalist 15 - Council Member

Lazis is the Elementalist guildmaster in Ganart. She also represents the discipline in the Council of Adepts.
Quote: "Sometimes the worst enemy lies within."

Lilla Naven (F) Elf - Elementalist 1 - Twin of Lyra

Lilla is the intellectual of the pair. She is tall and slender with waist length white blond hair. She has deep blue eyes. Her weapon of choice is a quarterstaff.
Quote: "We just want to have fun!"

Livia Kildaen (F) Ork - Warrior 1 (daughter of Brandik Swiftsword)

Following in the footsteps of her father, she hopes to one day wield his sword, Falthane. She loves her mother and hometown very much but is quite anxious to begin her adventure.
Quote: "I am an adult, mother."

Lyra Naven (F) Elf - Elementalist 1 - Twin of Lilla

Lyra is the 'willful one'. She looks exactly like her sister. Her weapon of choice is a whip. They adventure together in the hopes of one day being exponentially more powerful together than apart.
Quote: "We just want to have fun!"

Mirelic (F) Manticore

She lives in the forest near Ganart and believes herself the protector of those woods and those who travel respectfully through them. She is easily amused, but not one you would wish to offend.
Quote: "These woods are my realm, tread lightly."

Morgan F'Lar (M) Elf -

Currently missing in action.
Quote: None available

Noria Fale (F) Troll - Wizard 4

Noria was the leader of the group who solved a murder in Hawksdale. She is an acquaintance of K'ryn. Other members of her group were Sukari and Dorian.
Quote: None Available

Rathsin (M) Elf - Weaponsmith 10

Rathsin introduced Vatryl to the way of the blade.
Quote: "No, that sword was made for you."

Raven (M) T'skrang - Sky Raider 4 / Weaponsmith 2

Following a mysterious past, Raven joined Arilou's trio shortly before one of them was killed liberating a city from a Horror, and the second in a massive bar brawl. Raven is tall for a T'skrang, very muscular, and has pitch black scales. He is now a member of STAR.
Quote: None Available

Rayth Erinyth (F) Human - Innkeeper

Rayth is a fair-haired, blue-eyed, well-informed woman. She is the proud owner of the Belltower Inn in Bartertown. Aside from keeping herself in the know about all things nefarious, she is the sometimes consort of the Reaper, a member of the Warders of Aeternitas.
Quote: "I'm sure I once heard something about that very topic. Have you anything that might jar my memory?"

Runestar (F) Windling - Beastmaster 2 - deceased

Annoying, little, piss-ant windling. What's left to say?
Quote: "Oh, pretty."

Ruran (M) Ork - Monk 4

A member of the rare Monk Discipline, Ruran moves with grace and speed, despite his size. A childhood friend of Lilla and Lyra, he adventures with So'Vol, in addition to the twins.
Quote: None Available

Saria L. Antares (F) Elf - Troubador 4 / Wizard 2

Saria hails from Auryle, an elven town in the northwest. Saria has long black hair with a silver streak behind her left ear and a rarely-seen scar. She is one of the four members of STAR.
Quote: "We may be young, but you haven't heard the last of us!" -following the announcement of STAR's victory in the espagra hunt with 96 kills

So'Vol (M) K'stulaami - Warrior 4

At 6'2" tall, So'Vol is rather tall for a K'stulaami. Quick, strong and tough, he is a powerful Warrior. Taken to a K'stulaami colony as a child, So'Vol has trained for years to scout for other K'stulaami to bring to the colony to be raised among their own kind.
Quote: None Available

Sukari Grae (F) T'skrang - Troubador 6

A rather non-descript female t'skrang who associates with Noria and Dorian. Aquantiance of Kelryn and, for a time, an adventuring companion.
Quote: None Available

Thanatos (M) Blood Elf - Warrior ? / Elementalist ?

Like many adventuring teams, Thanatos met Aryx by accident. Their initial relationship has grown into a life-long bond resulting in them being Blood Sworn. Thanatos is very tall with shoulder length black hair. He is rarely out of Aryx's presence, and can be identified by the huge two-handed sword he carries.
Quote: "Who's that talking? Oh, just Battlestar, why?"

Torian (F) Elf - Swordmaster 4 / Nethermancer 2

Orphaned in Auryle, Torian began adventuring when assigned to guard a young Troubador on a journey to another town. Torian has skin so black as to appear almost blue, and pure white hair to her waist. The second member of STAR.
Quote: "Hey, remember the time that griffin *OW!*"

Toril (M) Human - Illusionist 3

Currently missing in action.
Often masquerading as an Elven Warrior, Toril accompanies Jasper on his journeys. Toril is of medium height and build, with short brown hair. Looks can be deceiving, however, as Toril appears however he likes.
Quote: None Available

Uncle (M) Elf - Weaponsmith ?

Uncle is one of the few people Saria acknowledges as family, though they are not related by blood. He is over 250 years old, but refuses to reveal more than that. He was a weaponsmith in his 'younger' years, but no longer practices.
Quote: "You call that a weapon? Let me show you a weapon I forged years ago."

Vatryl (F) Elf - Warrior 8 / Illusionist5

Vatryl is a teacher at the Isebrin Academy in Auryle. Once the other half of the Terrible Two. Still a gorgeous redhead with green eyes, she looks like she's only in her twenties, though she is much older than that. She is in charge of new students at the Academy.
Quote: "So there was this time I was..."

Xyra (F) T'skrang - Archer 3

A fun loving Novice, Xyra ran into Archon while wandering through the wilderness. She is currently journeying with him for lack of anything better to do. Xyra is of medium height and has blue-green scales.
Quote: None Available

Seekers of the Heart

Mona Byre (F) Elf - Head of the Seekers

Alyria (F) Blood Elf - Questor of Astendar 10

Arak (M) Elf - Innkeeper

Ardri Ysane (F) Blood Elf - Co-owner of Arms & Protection

Carid Solan (M) Blood Elf - Co-owner of Arms & Protection

Eliracia (F) Elf - Arak's wife

Saleth Astor (M) Blood Elf - Owner of the General Store

The Players of Tengru

All the members of this troupe are Troubadors who belong to the Guild of the Resplendent Rose.

Alylle (F) Elf - age 21
The newest member of the troupe.

Draegord (M) Human - age 32

Isirion (M) Elf - age 64
The last living member of the founders of the troupe.

Iyru (F) Ork - age 30

Jaeh (M) T'skrang - age 26
Alylle and Jaeh are just beginning a romantic relationship.

Jessa (F) Human - age 24

Kesil (M) Dwarf - age 40

Lantar (M) Troll - age 35

Lienne (F) Elf - age 56
The writer, writing mainly plays

Merlott (M) Human - age 18

Simka (F) Elf - age 52
Isirion's wife of sixteen years.

Warders of Aeternitas

The Black Knight (M) Elf - Swordmaster 8

Sable - (M) pitch black horse

Huntress (F) Blood Elf - Woodsman 8

Wildfire - (F) grey horse

Rhapsody (M) T'skrang - Troubador 7

Grex - (M) trained falcon

Aegis (M) Ork - Weaponsmith 7

BladeWeaver (F) Ork - Wizard 9

Reaper (M) Human (Vorst) - Nethermancer 9

Det and Maul - (both F) hunting dogs (very well trained)

These six, though they are well know, try to keep their physical descriptions hidden to allow them to retain some normalcy in their day-to-day lives. If they want you to know who they are, you will.

For those who wish to get in touch with the Warders, they may contact Rayth, proprieter of the Belltower Inn in Bartertown.

Members of the Adept Council

For more information on individuals, visit the Council Island

Air Sailor - Brays (M)

Archer - Ryse (F)

Beastmaster - No Beastmaster will volunteer for this position, they refuse to acknowldge the Council in favor of self-regulation, or so they claim.

Cavalryman - Adoria (F)

Elementalist - Lazis (F)

Illusionist - Riladan (M)

Nethermancer - Liana (F)

Scout - Redas (M)

Sky Raider - Shiris (F)

Swordmaster - Jedrik (M)

Thief - Harlan (M)

Troubador - Inanna (F)

Warrior - Alexander (M)

Weaponsmith - Dreads (M)

Wizard - Areassa (F)

Racial Council

The Racial Council is currently being reassembled with representatives from all the races and/or kingdoms. Please check back at a later date for a list of members.

Questors of Astendar

(more information to come at a later date)
Elana (see above)