Welcome to Lady Saria's Winamp Skins!

Here's the deal.. I don't want to risk losing my website for having zips or whatever. So until I can figure out the new winamp format, the skins are down for a while. I swear I will find a place for them. You can still view the screen shots, and if you want, I can email one or two to you, they are all small. If you know a place where I can put them, email me. You can use my new feedback form.


I started making skins at the end of August, yes using skinning utilities. Before you send me any angry letters about how that's cheating or whatever, don't. I don't care. I made these for my own amusement, and decided to share them with the people who might like some winamp skins of subjects that I can't find anywhere else. I made them using the utilities because it allowed me to get straight to creating. With the assistance of LViewPro and Photoshop5, I think it wasn't a wasted effort.

Earthdawn (the main purpose of even posting these)



Metal Gear Solid

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