Maximum Threads: 1

Spell Defense: 21

Erias is broadsword fashioned of exquisite living crystal of surpassing perfection. With a blade of living diamond and a hilt of living sapphire, both of flawless perfection, the sword is as much a work of art as a weapon of Light. A vein of rare orichalcum runs the length of the blade from tip to pommel, with fine golden wire wrapping the grip in a mastersmiths braid. There are no seams or joins in this sword, and even the golden wrap seems to have no beginning or end; truely a masterful work is Erias. With a balance of breathtaking swiftness, and possessing an edge only diamond could hold, the sword is fit for a king, or a Queen. Erithander the Knowing crafted Erias as a fit entry into the Queen of Wyrmwood's Tourney of Champions. He took second place in the tournament, and in a rage left Wyrm Wood to spend his days in the northern city of Shosara. Here he weathered the Scourge, and delighting in the chance to walk in the sun again left the caer at the earliest opportunity.

He was lifemated during his interrment of the Long Night and his wife bore a boy-child, though saddly died in the labor. Erithander raised the boy alone, and was distressed to find that his son, Branwydd, had chosen the Swordmaster's path over his own Weaponsmith's. Despite this he gifted Branwydd with Erias when his son joined Mestoph the Nethermancer, Ragnar the Thief and Lorm the Warrior in their ill-fated descent into Caer Jalendale. Little was known of Branwydd's career before his death, 'cepting his acceptance into the Seeker's of a New Dawn, a Lightbearer organization based just north of old Cara Fahd. Learning that his precious son had died, and knowing that Alachia had been correct in her judgement that his sword was inferior, he suicided, declaring that Erias would be the bane of all Horrors and their spawn from this day forward.

Thread Ranks

Rank 1 Cost: 200

Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn that the name of the sword is Erias.

Effect: By True Naming the sword aloud, the blade becomes engulfed in brilliant golden flames. Erias now inflicts Step 8 damage. Erias' flames shed light in a 3 yard radius, which acts like the Blessed Light spell for any creature that may be affected by that spell.

Rank 2 Cost: 400

Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn from where the living crystal was harvested that was used in the creation of the sword.

Effect: Erias grows feather light in the hands of it's wielder, who now receives a +1 Step to his Initiative. Damage is Step 8. Blessed Light radius increases to 5 yards.

Rank 3 Cost: 600

Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn the Name of the Weaponsmith who created Erias.

Effect: At this rank, the wielder is growing familiar with the intricacies of Erias' balance and so receives a +1 Step to his Melee Weapons talent, +1 Step to his Initiative, the blade inflicts Step 9 damage, and Blessed Light radius is 5 yards.

Rank 4 Cost: 1,000

Deed: The wielder must travel to the site of Branwydd's death and build a Shrine of Honor to the fallen hero, recounting his tale on a plaque for all to read. This deed is worth 500 legend.

Radiant Circle: This ability creates a glowing circle of golden flame on the ground where the sword is struck, rippling out to create a barrier of defense 5 yards in radius. The circle acts as a protective barrier against Horrors, Horror-constructs, and Horror-marked characters who must break through the Radiant Circle before affecting anyone benefitting from its protection. Both the Physical Defense and Spell Defenses of the Circle are equal to the sword's Spell Defense plus the Thread Rank of the wielder. Horror's and their minions must make a Willpower test to overcome the Radiant Circle. It costs 1 Strain per hour to maintain the Circle.

Rank 5 Cost: 1,600

Key Knowledge: The wielder of Erias must learn that Branwydd was a Lightbearer as well as a Swordmaster.

Effect: The sword's damage increases to Step 10, adds +2 to Melee Weapons talent use, adds +1 to the wielder's Initiative Step, and adds +2 to the wielder's Spell Defense.

Rank 6 Cost: 2,600

Deed: The sword must be used to defeat a Horror, or Major Construct, in single combat. This deed, if successful, is worth 1,500 legend in addition to any gained from the destruction of the Horror.

Effect: Erias inflicts Step 10 damage, adds +2 to Melee Weapons talent use, adds +2 to the wielder's Initiative Step, and adds +3 to the wielder's Spell Defense.

Rank 7 Cost: 4,200

Deed: Branwydd was killed in a desperate duel with the Wormskull of Caer Jalendale. The wielder must avenge Branwydd's death by destroying the Wormskull with Erias. This deed is worth 2,000 legend points.

Edge of Light: This ability allows the wielder to enhance the blazing wreath of flames surrounding Erias. The Edge of Light increases the damage done to any Horror or Horror-construct by the wielder's Thread Rank, and increases the damage by 3 Steps versus non-Horror related opponents. The wielder must declare that he is using this effect before making the attack and each use of the Edge of Light costs the character 1 point of Strain.

Rank 8 Cost: 6,800

Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn of Erithander's Dying Legacy.

Effect: Erias inflicts Step 10 damage, adds +3 to Melee Weapons talent use, adds +3 to the wielder's Initiative Step, and adds +3 to the wielder's Spell Defense. Erias now holds 10 karma points that replenish at a rate of 1 per day. Erias uses the Karma Step of its wielder.

Rank 9 Cost: 110,000

Deed: The wielder of Erias must seek out a Lightbearer and join their organization.

Refuse Horror: This ability allows the character to avoid the effects of a Horror's Mark and Spellcasting abilities. The wielder makes a Willpower + Thread Rank opposed test versus the Horror's attack, and if successful resists the attack. Up to two of the sword's karma may be spent on this action, not including the wielder's karma which may be spent as per his Discipline.