Shadowstone of Tophet

Spell Defense: 20

Maximum Threads: 1

The Shadowstone of Tophet was created by the Troll Nethermancer Tophet Gloombringer Onehorn as a safe retreat for his shadowspirit familiar, Eblisumbra, in the years just prior to the Scourge. Following what his Clan Chief considered a dishonorable path, Tophet was tolerated by his trollmoot for what defenses he could bring to bear against the coming Scourge. With astral space corrupting almost before his very eyes, Tophet feared that his ally spirit would be destroyed, or worse corrupted, by the Horrors before they could seal their trollmoot's caer, and so set out to create a blood fetish that would help shield his friend from the pollution of astral space. Practically racing the coming Scourge, Tophet collected the living crystal himself from the depths of the trollmoot's Crystal Caverns selecting a thumb-sized bit of purest obsidian to become the charm. Denied access to the spells and runes contained in the Book of Tomorrow that the Clan Chief guarded with his life, Tophet instead created the only thing left to him that might shield his dear friend, a simple familiar charm. With decades of patient craftsmanship behind him, Tophet carved the living crystal into a small oval no bigger than his smallest fingernail, and while weaving the enchantments that would bind and shield Eblisumbra during the coming Scourge he inscribed his Oath of Familiar Bonding on the flat side of the charm that would rest over his heart and bond with his blood. He had just inscribed his familiar's True Name into the charm when he was set upon in his sanctum by a Slipshade (Horrors, pgs 80-81) attracted to the nethermantic magic. Helplessly bound into the charm, Eblisumbra watched as Tophet cast mighty magics in a slow but sure battle to the death. With his dying breath Tophet cast his Dying Legacy upon the charm, that it should endure safely throughout the Scourge, shielding his only true friend.

Thread Rank

Rank 1 Cost: 100

Key Knowledge: The character must know that this is the Shadowstone of Tophet.

Effect: The character receives a +2 Step bonus to his Willforce talent or Willpower step if he does not possess Willforce. The spirit bound in the gem now begins to speak to the character and can offer advice and suggestions to the wearer.

Rank 2 Cost: 200

Key Knowledge: The character must know the name of the troll who crafted it (Tophet Gloombringer Onehorn).

Effect: The wielder recieves a +3 Step bonus to his Willforce talent or Willpower step if he does not possess Willforce. The trapped spirit will begin to consider the character for the position of new master and offer his services if he likes the character. If the spirit refuses then this is the maximum thread rank possible. Get another charm.

Rank 3 Cost: 300

Deed: The wearer must swear an Oath of Familiar Bonding with the spirit; because of the nature of the charm there is no additional Blood cost. This Deed is worth 300 Legend points.

Effect: Eblisumbra is freed from the gem and may now act as an ally spirit to the wearer of the charm. The spirit is comfortable and happy living in the gem when attached to an acceptable master and will return there to rest or escape hostile spirits or Horrors.

Rank 4 Cost: 500

Key Knowledge: The wearer must discover what type of Horror slew Tophet.

Effect: The charm adds +2 to Spell Defense.

Rank 5 Cost: 800

Deed: The wearer must find/track/summon the Horror who slew Tophet and destroy it in order to lay the nethermancer's spirit to rest and remove the Dying Legacy binding it to this plane. This deed is worth 2,700 legend points.

Effect: The charm now acts as a Spell Matrix equal in rank to the thread tied to it.