The Wastes

An Earthdawn Campaign Setting

From EarthdawnLegends

By: J. ANne Mauck


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Table of Contents

Part One
Treatise on the Wastes

Part Two
Game Information

Part Three
Adventure Ideas



Credits and CommentsThis netbook was produced for use in my own campaign. It is available only at by Lady Saria, aka J. Anne Mauck. It is created for the Earthdawn universe, which is owned by FASA Corp and used without permission. This netbook was created using First edition rules. All non-Earthdawn terms and concepts are copyright J. Mauck 2002. This netbook is for non-profit use and may not be posted anywhere without permission. Permission to post the PDF version on usenet is granted as long as the file remains unaltered and is not used in spam.

Special thanks to...

For such a great game system and universe, special thanks to Lou Prosperi

For drawing so many Earthdawn fans together

Ben Harris and Paul DeBonte
Play testers

Paul DeBonte
Spell Design

Fonts used
Comic Sans MS
Chelsea Studio

And various places on the 'net