The Monarch

The Monarch has the head and neck of a small dragon, with a dragon's eyesight and other senses, but the form appears slightly mutilated or melted. In her chest, at the base of the neck is the face of a woman in a perfect oval. The eyes of this face are solid black and seem to suck in light. Her mouth is blood red and only moves slightly when she speaks; she has no teeth. Large draconic wings sprout from her back. She also has long Namegiver-like arms with claw-like fingers. Below her face, the rest of her body seems to flow into the form of a large, feathered serpent. She flaps her wings slightly to stay aloft and rarely touches the ground. If she were to sit on her coiled tail, she would tower over any Namegiver but Dragons.

Repulsion 17
Whenever any being encounters the Monarch, it must make a Willforce test against the Monarch's repulsion test. If the being fails, it must retreat out of her Sphere of Influence and cannot approach her for 1 week.

Sphere of Influence 20
Whenever a being enters the Monarch's territory, she makes a Sphere of Influence test. The result is the radius in yards of her awareness. Her Sphere lasts for one hour and during that hour, she is aware of anything inside the Sphere and cannot be caught by surprise or blindsided.

Rush of Air 15
The Monarch can flap her wings hard enough to attempt to knockdown her opponents. Characters may choose to make either a strength or a dexterity test against her result.

Influence 20
The Monarch can use Influence to force the opponents to leave or do her will even if it conflicts against their natural instincts. If she achieves higher than an extraordinary result, the characters will do anything she asks. After they leave her Sphere of Influence, they may make a Willforce test against her result. If she achieves an excellent success, she may send them to a specific destination with a message -- no Willforce test may be made. If she achieves a good success, she may force them to leave, unless they succeed in a Willforce test. If she only achieves an average success, all actions are suspended for the next round.

Corrupt Karma 12; Damage Shift 10; Nethermancer 10 spells

The Monarch's Attributes

DEX: 25	 STR: 23  TOU: 24
PER: 30  WIL: 30  CHA: 28

Initiative: 25
Combat Move: 110
Full Move: 220

# of Attacks: 2
Attack: 27
Damage: 30
Spellcasting: 36 
Effect: Powers

Karma: 30
Karma Step: 16

Phys Defense: 27
Spell Defense: 32
Social Defense: 25

Armor: 20
Mystic: 16
Knockdown: NA

Death Rating: 350
Wound Thresh.: 26
Uncon. Rating: NA
Recovery Tests: 17

Legend Points: 400,000
Equipment: None
Loot: None


Reavers have two long bone blades attached to their forearms like scythes, which hang down about a meter from the ground. They are approximately three meters tall with hard carapaces and a bony plate that covers their heads and most of their faces. They have six eyes spaced evenly around their heads so they are never caught by surprise. Most terrifyingly, they can blind those they touch, but only if they touch the flesh. Their blinding ability does not pass through cloth, air, or metal. They are faster than an average Namegiver, with strong legs and thick, ropy muscles.

Reavers always appear in pairs, though they are often followed by Scurriers and Unravellers and can create Grave Drudges at no cost to their Damage Points. Reavers are controlled by the Monarch and follow her orders without question. Most of the time, however, they are under general orders and can still act independently.

Reaver Attributes

DEX: 14	STR: 16	TOU: 15
PER: 17	WIL: 17	CHA: 14

Initiative: 16
Combat Move: 70
Full Move: 140

# of Attacks: 2
Attack: 17   
Damage: 18
Spellcasting: 20   
Effect: Powers	

Karma: 20
Karma Step: 14

Phys Defense: 18
Spell Defense: 24
Social Defense: 20

Armor: 14
Mystic: 13
Knockdown: 16

Death Rating: 130
Wound Thresh.: 19
Uncon. Rating: 115
Recovery Tests: 8	

Legend Points: 35,000
Equipment: None
Loot: Bone blades	
Construct Life 12
Reavers can take bones and rags to form Grave Drudges. The result is the number of days the Grave Drudge exists.

Bone Saw 23
Reavers can turn their forearm bone blades into an astral weapon that saws back and forth quickly, this test replaces its normal damage roll. Mystic armor protects against this attack. This requires karma.

Blinding Touch 15
Reavers can blind individuals when they touch the flesh. Individuals remain blind for 10 rounds. This ability is not often used in combat.


The Scurriers are small, six-legged beasts with sharp teeth and three horns. Some adventurers have compared them to small gnashers. They will attack with either their teeth or horns, but often their horns are their primary weapons and will always use them for their first attack.

Scurriers roam in packs and like chasing caravans. Unless they are controlled by a Reaver, they attack at random and lose intrest quite quickly.

Scurrier Attributes

DEX: 4	STR: 6	TOU: 5
PER: 4	WIL: 6	CHA: 4

Initiative: 4
Combat Move: 35
Full Move: 70

# of Attacks: 1
Attack: 6   
Damage: 8 teeth; 9 horns
Spellcasting: NA   
Effect: NA	

Karma: NA
Karma Step: NA

Phys Defense: 6
Spell Defense: 7
Social Defense: 6

Armor: 5
Mystic: 1
Knockdown: 8

Death Rating: 35
Wound Thresh.: 9
Uncon. Rating: 26
Recovery Tests: 2	

Legend Points: 150
Equipment: None
Loot: None	


Unravellers run on two legs, low to the ground, with their heads stretched out in front of them. They have sharp teeth and are immune to magical physical effects. They have small forearms that are practically useless. They have long, flexible tails that help them maintain balance while running. The appearance of their legs contradict the speeds they are able to achieve. When they bite, they leave saliva in the wound that actively works against the weaving of threads for its duration, thus earning their name.

Unraveller Attributes

DEX: 5	STR: 6	TOU: 7
PER: 6	WIL: 8	CHA: 5

Initiative: 6
Combat Move: 40
Full Move: 80

# of Attacks: 1
Attack: 8   
Damage: 9 (bite)
Spellcasting: 8   
Effect: Powers	

Karma: 10
Karma Step: 8

Phys Defense: 7
Spell Defense: 8
Social Defense: 7

Armor: 3
Mystic: 4
Knockdown: 4

Death Rating: 42
Wound Thresh.: 12
Uncon. Rating: 34
Recovery Tests: 3	

Legend Points: 250
Equipment: None
Loot: None	

MageBite 12
This is the effect of the saliva that actively counters the weaving of spells. The result of this is the duration in rounds that it has effect. It can be dispelled by a Willforce test against a 10.

Plague Crawlers

Plague crawlers have wings that look like moth eaten sheets. Their flight, however, is unhindered by this. They are generally black, but can have reds or yellows on their bodies. The have six legs, two at the front ending in sharp hooks that dig into flesh and are difficult to remove. Their other four legs are used to crawl when needed. When they attack, they swarm their victims and crawl over their bodies. Their disease is spread through contact with an infected victim. However, use of special cloth prohibits the spread of this disease (see item section).

Plague Crawler Attributes

DEX: 6	STR: 3	TOU: 6
PER: 5	WIL: 6	CHA: 3

Initiative: 7
Combat Move: 35
Full Move: 70

# of Attacks: 3
Attack: 4 (hook claw), 5 bite*   
Damage: 5
Spellcasting: *8   
Effect: 10 toxin	

Karma: 10
Karma Step: 6

Phys Defense: 7
Spell Defense: 7
Social Defense: 4

Armor: 3
Mystic: 2
Knockdown: 6

Death Rating: 38
Wound Thresh.: 10
Uncon. Rating: 29
Recovery Tests: 3	

Legend Points: 100
Equipment: None
Loot: None	

The Swarm

The Swarm is something no Name-Giver has ever survived to see, save from a great distance. The Swarm is hungry and will devour everything it can in its way, from organic material to metals. While the bulk of the Swarm is a mix of the other Waste horrors, there are three kinds only found within the Swarm. They all have the same stats as Unravellers, with the following changes:

Scours -- These horrors can dissolve all metals save orichalcum in d6 rounds. The Scours have a Dissolve effect step of 9 against the spell defense of magical items.

Scars -- These horrors leave marks on the land, leeching it of its ability to give life. Land touched by the Scars cannot be farmed unless they are astrally clensed and well treated for at least five years before anything can grow there. Though the land of the Wastes is already damaged, this land is considered at least corrupt on the raw magic table.

Slurs -- These horrors devour all organic (or formerly organic) materials, such as wood, leather, and bone. They leave behind them a slimy residue that water cannot wash away. It can only be cleaned via a spell. They earn their name from the stain that they leave behind. Because of the Slurs, the Swarm leaves behind a smell that does not completely dissipate for six days.

No one knows what these three Horrors look like, and they should vary in appearance due to the things they consume. The GM should feel free to make them look like the characters worst nightmares, should they actually see them.