Spells, by Discipline


Fresh Breath (Circle 1)
Threads: 1
Weaving Difficulty: 5/13
Range: touch for item, rank yards
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Special
Casting Difficulty: 5 or TSD
This spell clears the air around the caster of dust and other particles. It is used as the basis for the Clean Cloths.

Water From the Deep (Circle 6)
Threads: 3
Weaving Difficulty: 12/19
Range: Touch
Duration: Rank Hours
Effect: Willforce + 0
Casting Difficulty: 10
Water From the Deep creates a well from which water can be drawn to drink or store for later. The caster draws an intricate circle on the ground while weaving the threads. If the casting is successful, the ground opens up and a bucket appears which must be used to draw the water. The spell creates a number of days' worth of water equal to the result of the effect test. Note that most Name Givers use one day's worth of water per day, while trolls and most large animals require two and small animals only need one-half.


Biani's Death Knell (Circle 9)
Threads: 3
Weaving Difficulty: 13/26
Range: Self
Duration: Rank round
Effect: Willforce + 8
Casting Difficulty: TSD
This spell creates a shockwave similar to a banshee's scream that damages and stuns all targets in the area of affect. It creates a cone 60 feet long terminating in a 30-foot wide radius. The wizard rolls spellcasting and compares it with the spell defense of everyone within the area of effect. Every target with a SD lower than the spellcasting roll takes W+8 damage, resisted by physical armor, and is stunned for a number of rounds equal to the wizard's rank in spellcasting. The stunning effect can be ended if the target can achieve the caster's SD on a Willpower test.

Life is Short (Circle 10)
Threads: 6
Weaving Difficulty: 16/30
Range: 10 yards
Duration: Rank Days
Effect: Special
Casting Difficulty: TSD
Life is Short dramatically increases the rate at which the target ages. If cast successfully, the target (a person, animal, plant or crops) ages one year for each day of the spell's duration. This duration can be ended early to precisely control the age attained. Life is Short is very strictly regulated throughout Barsaive as it is often used as a torture device. The spell was originally developed to grow crops more quickly in kaers, though it tends to deplete the soil quickly. While it can be used to raise animals to adulthood swiftly, this is typically frowned upon, if not simply outlawed.


Weeping Darkness (Circle 2)
Threads: 1
Weaving Difficulty: 8/14
Range: 30 Yards
Duration: 1 Round (R Rounds)
Effect: Willforce + 6
Casting Difficulty: TSD
This spell gathers debris from the surrounding area and hurls it at the chosen target. While it has a fairly sizable spread, the material concentrates on the target's head, and if it causes a wound, blinds the victim for Rank rounds. Physical armor reduces damage from this spell.

Intellect Abduction (Circle 10)
Threads: 2
Weaving Difficulty: 10/14
Range: 40 yards
Duration: Rank Days
Effect: Willforce + 10
Casting Difficulty: TSD
The subject of this spell has the unfortunate experience of having control of their mind seized from them and rewired by the caster. However, there have yet to be any complaints from targets under the influence of the enchantment. The spell erases the target's short-term memory and replaces it with "suggestions" from the caster. This can be nearly anything that does not go completely against the victim's instincts, however, as it is usually cast on Adepts, there is little that they are not willing to do. They will continue to do the bidding of the caster for the duration of the spell or until they succeed at a Willpower test against a difficulty number equal to the result of the effect test, rolled at the time of casting. Someone else can also attempt to "snap them out of it." This gives an immediate Willpower check with a bonus equal to the Willpower step of the friend. One side effect of this spell is a complete loss of memory of any events occurring during the duration of the enchantment.


There are no new Illusion spells for this campaign since the discipline is so rare and it is unlikely for anyone to run into an Illusionist save for a spirit.